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Semi-Automated is Worse Than Automated


Five KPIs for Your SaaS(ed) Channel

Earlier this week I got my first email from someone with the acronym D.Sc after their name — apparently, this is the new self-assigned suffix being used by folks who consider themselves to be Data Scientists. 

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The Beginner's Guide to Structuring Your Channel Sales and Success Teams

One of the most obvious reasons businesses start building a channel program - whether with traditional VARs, referral partners, affiliates, and technology partners - is to extend their sales and marketing footprint into markets and geographies that they otherwise couldn’t cost-effectively reach. One of the most obvious ..

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Why Your Channel Needs to Stop Using the Term 'PRM'

What’s in a name? In sales, the answer is: a lot. The terminology we choose to describe the sales tools we use can set the tone for how we think of them, how we use them and how often we engage them to meet our daily needs and whether. In the channel, the same be said of the tools we use to empower our channel partners. For..

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SaaS and AI: How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing SaaS Channel Sales

Artificial intelligence is growing at a very rapid pace. Imagine back five or ten years, when cellphones were nothing compared to what they are today. Technology is outpacing our abilities to use it to its extent, and as a whole we’re playing catch-up.

What that means for us in the channel is that we need to stay up to speed..

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Man vs. Machine: When to Hire, When to Implement Partner Sales Software

As technology becomes increasingly intelligent, more and more business processes and procedures are automated. From marketing to sales, many companies rely on “smart” tools and technology to streamline tedious tasks and make day-to-day operations even easier.

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Dell's Path to Rebuilding Through Channel Partners

When you think of Dell, what comes to mind? As a kid growing up in Texas, Dell and its iconic CEO were encouraging reminders that success and innovation could grow in the Lone Star State. Michael Dell was our Bill Gates. So much so that in 1991, our family never dared to consider any brand other than Dell when purchasing our..

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Here's Why Your SaaS Reseller Program Might Be Failing

Success. In business, it typically boils down to one fairly simple equation: does revenue exceed expenses? In SaaS? Well, that’s not always the case. Sure, SaaS companies are still ultimately driven to become profitable - but the timeline, requirements and tactics to do so are extremely unique in comparison to more..

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5 Things That Undermine the Success of Your Partner Sales Team

A few years ago, based on a friend’s recommendation, I set out to read what would turn out to be one of my all-time favorite business books - The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone. In short, 10X suffices to the idea every project you do will likely take 10 times more time, energy, money, and effort than assumed. So, go ahead set..

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My Vendetta Against PRM (and my mission to defeat it)

Vendettas are dangerous, especially in business. But when you set out to truly change and disrupt an old way of thinking – or in our case, an old way of selling – a good, solid vendetta (or arch enemy) can be a powerful and motivating tool to fulfill a mission.

And boy, do I have one: PRM.

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