Why Partner Programs Are Great with Adrienne Coburn

Channel experts in your industry, role, and shoes, let you know why they think partner programs are great. Hear from the Channel Partner Manager of Uberflip, Adrienne Coburn, as our second featured channel expert on our video compilation of advice, views and anecdotes from experts in the channel. See previous featured guest,..

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Why Partner Programs Are Great with Jamie Shanks

So you want to know why partner programs are great? We could tell you a hundred reasons, and we have; here, here and here. But we want you to hear it from channel experts in your industries, in your roles, in your shoes. Hear from the CEO of Sales for Life, Jamie Shanks, as he kicks off our video compilation of advice, views..

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Successful Strategic Alliances: J.C. Penney and Sephora

Perhaps you’ve walked into the main level of a J.C. Penney recently and noticed something in the middle of the store that seems a bit off brand: the signature black and white stripes of another shopping mall staple, Sephora. As it turns out, J.C. Penney was missing a critical hook for its target demographic: fashion-forward..

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How to Encourage Your Channel Sales Partners to Use Social Media

It's hard to imagine a day going by—at home or at work—in which we don't interact with social media. Social media has become the primary way many people get news, seek out products, and register their enthusiasm (or disdain) for brands. And just as it's become critical for customer-facing businesses to have their social media..

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3 Tips for Forming Strategic Alliances That Stand the Test of Time

Alliances are by no means a novel concept in the world of sales. As companies grow, they often find themselves turning to partnerships to create mutually competitive advantages for both parties involved. However, the problem with partnerships is discerning whether they’re actually strategic or not.

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Content Engagement Average: The Channel Marketing KPI You're Probably Undervaluing

Content serves many purposes in channel marketing. However, customer engagement is arguably the primary component when developing a content strategy. Engagement informs you and your team that your content is relevant and that you are responding to your target audience’s needs and providing value.

Sound familiar? You’ve..

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3 Keys to Building Successful Strategic Alliances

Many businesses acknowledge the importance of joining forces and achieving a common goal. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by the CMO Council, 85 percent of respondents viewed strategic alliances as an essential or important component of business. However, these same respondents were unable to deliver on the..

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3 Ways That SaaS Companies Can Benefit From Strategic Alliances

When considering strategic alliances, it’s easy to come up with a bunch of retail partnerships that paid off in a big way. And that’s the point of the alliance: when people see or hear of one brand that stirs thoughts of the other. These strategic alliances work to both drive revenue and break into new markets.

But when ..

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A Perfect Match: How to Find Your Ideal Channel Sales Partners

As you set down the path to take advantage of the tremendous financial and brand-building benefits of channel sales, it’s easy to jump the gun. It’s not uncommon for those just embarking on putting their channel together, even those with impressive direct sales experience, to open the floodgates and start setting up every..

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