It's All In The Delivery: Don't Ignore This Component of Partner Collaboration

Most of what you hear and read about sales and marketing today's is about reaching a finish line. Attract – Nurture – Engage – Close. Getting to more yeses and signed contracts has become the focus of our processes, our metrics and, of course, our sales teams.

Partner sales and marketing is no different.

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Using MDF Wisely: Enough with the free swag

People like free stuff. Whether it’s registering for the luxury car giveaway at the mall, dropping a business card in a bowl at your local restaurant, or falling all over fellow sports fans to snag a shirt that just got blasted out of a t-shirt cannon, getting something for nothing always puts a smile on someone’s face. Who..

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Leading Suppliers Make Partnering Easy

Raise your hand if you've ever bought into the Field of Dreams fallacy: build it, and they will come. Unfortunately, this is how too many suppliers treat their channel sales and marketing efforts. Here's the thing. Nobody knows your product better than you do, and the sooner you take steps to effectively transfer that..

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Webinar Q&A: Rallying Around Today’s Customer

If you were able to make time to sit down with Jen Spencer and myself for our January webinar, then you know that the customer journey has changed, today's B2B customer expects more, our biggest competitors are our customers, and trust and authenticity are high on the list of scrutinized factors when making brand choices. We..

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Customer Success: Service vs. Servitude

According to research from Forrester, customer experience is a top priority for businesses and technology leaders. However, a "customer obsession" operating model does not automatically lead to success, especially as it relates to the channel.

Customers will never say, "you’ve done enough” or "we should pay you more for..

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Trust Needs To Be Your Primary KPI

Trust in the customer journey is paramount. Duh! I know this isn’t a new concept, but too often, organizations speak to the importance of trust, but don’t organize to achieve it.

Instead, they distract themselves, and each other, with data and metrics that lack substance. Without trust there are no views or clicks. There are..

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Customer Micro-moments and the Partners Who Own Them

If you've been a marketing or sales professional for the past decade, you'll have noticed how immensely the digital landscape has changed. Even the past five years have witnessed a tremendous paradigm shift in how all types of buyers use mobile devices to make purchasing decisions.

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Customer Marketing In The Subscription Economy

The rise of the subscription economy has disrupted some of the most traditional B2B markets and will continue to do so in 2016.

Marketers, who are often credited for the disruption they create, are also experiencing an impact. As a career marketer who joined a software start-up in 2015 as the head of Customer Success, I’m..

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Indirect Sales Channels are Evolving - Are you?

There is a broadly accepted adage in marketing that B2B industries are about 18 months behind their B2C counterparts. If that is true, then it’s probably safe to say that channel marketing and sales is another 18 months (if not more) behind that. Indirect channel sales and marketing practices have long been dominated by the..

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