How to Get the MVP’s of Partner Relationship Management (PRM): A Great Partner Training Program

By Ali Spiric | October 2, 2019
A Great Partner Training Program Header

Consistent and Optimized Training Recruiting partners is one thing. Keeping them happy, engaged, and productive is a separate, arguably more important thing. It’s not as simple as giving a reseller...

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How PRM Encourages Partner Engagement and Loyalty – Right From the Start

By Ali Spiric | September 26, 2019

You wouldn’t tackle heaps of dirty laundry with a washing board and wringer anymore. You wouldn’t try to binge watch a TV show on dial-up. Are you still using outdated tools for onboarding and managing your partners? Old, disjointed processes just won’t...

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The Key to a Pipeline of Potential Partners

By Ali Spiric | September 18, 2019

To achieve a pipeline of potential and thriving channel sales program, companies face numerous time-consuming endeavors that each present unique challenges.  Channel managers must consistently onboard and train new partners,...

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How Stand-Out Channel Marketing Content Empowers Partners and Boosts Revenue

By Ali Spiric | September 11, 2019

A new sales world needs new strategies An always-connected, information-laden world has completely changed the sales process. Consumers now lead their own purchasing journeys. They’re using more sources than ever...

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How To Build Your Partner Marketing Library From Scratch

By Ali Spiric | August 28, 2019

Your partners can sell only what they know, right? That’s why a robust partner marketing library is an essential component of every great channel program. It’s where you can share...

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Using Your Marketing Automation for To-Partner Marketing

By Ali Spiric | August 14, 2019

Using Your Marketing Automation For To-Partner Marketing Most companies today have adopted some form of marketing whether it’s digital, email, social or content in order to increase brand awareness and...

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