Allbound Pitches to Silicon Valley Investors at Acceleprise Demo Day 2014

Posted on December 1, 2014

By Scott Salkin


Allbound-Acceleprise-SanFrancisco-DemoDayFollowing three months of build-up and preparation, today marked our first opportunity to pitch the Allbound storyand vision in front of a truly impressive group of 150+ Silicon Valley venture capitalists and angels at the Acceleprise San Francisco Demo Day.

The event, held at the building at the Rincon Center in downtown San Francisco, featured the seven companies from Acceleprise’ fall class of enterprise SaaS startups:

  • Flipcause: Flipcause offers a web service where nonprofits can raise money. It claims to have signed up 50 nonprofits in the 60 days following its launch in June.
  • BridgeCrest Medical: BridgeCrest Medical gives construction, mining, and oil companies a way to assess the health of employees through “mobile medical devices” and a mobile app.
  • Allbound: Allbound delivers a cloud-based channel marketing software solution that helps organizations make their channel ecosystems more automated, intelligent and accessible.
  • Vianza: Vianza has constructed a cloud service to help wholesalers and retailers keep track of their orders, shipments, invoices, and payments.
  • ZenPurchase: ZenPurchase created cloud software that teams can use to evaluate vendors during the purchasing process. The startup says it’s working with Fortune 1000 customers.
  • PocketSuite: PocketSuite has whipped up a mobile app companies can use to keep track of all their upcoming bookings. PocketSuite also lets consumers communicate with businesses by text message and can integrate into websites.
  • RedHotMayo: RedHotMayo provides cloud software to assist salespeople in food services. The startup says it’s managed more than $13 billion in sales and worked with companies like General Mills, Kraft, and Sysco.

As we go into the final month of this amazing experience with Acceleprise, we couldn’t be more excited about our future in the enterprise marketing, sales enablement learning management space for enterprise channel sales and marketing teams. We’ll be staying put at the WeWork offices at 25 Taylor Street in San Francisco through March with our core services team in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stay tuned for a few more exciting announcements coming this week!

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