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Actionable Insights into Your Channel Program

Evolve your PRM through the power of data! The platform automatically collects key insights about your resources, partners, and sales funnel. Confidently make pivotal decisions about which resources to leverage, which practices to improve, and which partners to nurture.

Decrease Partner Enablement Costs on Low-Performing Sources

Spend time on valuable assets and sales enablement tools for your partners that you know has a direct correlation to deals registered.

Increase Visibility into Processes and Over Partner Program

Drilldown in metrics that matter to you based on partner groups and tiers. Know which partners are most engaged. Identify which content is most useful for partners.

New Partners Reach Full Productivity Quicker

Equip your newly onboarded partners with the most data-driven tools to succeed based on your program analytics. Provide quality sales enablement versus quantity.

Executives View the Partner Channel as a Differentiator

Tie money invested into the partner channel with revenue generated. Create dashboards for your executive team to show partner engagement and deals registered from your partner initiatives.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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What is PRM – How to Define Partner Relationship Management

Partner relationship management (PRM) is the platform used to automate the channel partner lifecycle.

Channel Account Managers must account for onboarding, training, co-branding materials, content management, deal registration, performance analysis, marketing strategies, and channel conflict. Plus, CAMs must consider how they can scale their success in order to grow revenue (hint, this often involves implementing a PRM).

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Why Partner Activation Percentage Should Be On Your Channel KPI Dashboard

It can be a rough and confusing experience when, in the course of reviewing your channel performance statistics, you run into numbers telling you that your revenue hasn’t grown as much as you expected. The key performance indicators (KPIs) don’t lie—despite the number of partners you have on board and the number of clients they’re working with, you’re not pulling in the money you expected. So how do you account for that disparity? And more importantly, how do you fix it?

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Give your channel partner program an in-depth health-check utilizing the four key performance indicators (KPIs) proven to increase pipeline velocity.

As a bonus, you’ll see exactly how you stack-up against fellow industry leaders and get intelligent recommendations to improve problem areas – all in just minutes!