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Allbound is proud to announce the finalists of this year’s awards! Select your winners and press the submit button. You can vote daily for your top choices. Come back on November 3rd to see who wins!

Company Category

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Fastest Growing Channel Program

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Inflectra Corporation

Inflectra Corporation has had a Partner Program for many years now, but it wasn’t until 2021 that it was revamped to reflect the channel needs. While partner revenue slowly increased over the years, this year has been transformative: partner revenue has increased by nearly 50% in Q1 & Q2. Additionally, partner reach has expanded to new territories, especially in South America and the Middle East.

Oyster HR

Oyster has built it’s partner program from 0 to approx 200 partners, 9 team members and 5 partner programs over 1.5 years. It fulfils a variety of needs for the company through many avenues like integrations, pipeline/revenue, brand awareness and value added services.

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International Channel of the Year

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Starburst Data

Starburst partner community is international by design.
They have channel teams covering US, Canada, Latam, EMEA. Asia planned for CY2023. 1st Starburst global Partner Advisory Council meeting to be held in Germany, Sept 2022. 50% of partners are HQd outside of North America


Cin7 and product family (DEAR & Cin7 Orderhive)’s partner program expands across 30+ countries and 6 continents and continues to expand rapidly. This global partner program has empowered 8,000+ product sellers in 75+ countries and work with Cin7 experts to implement & optimize their inventory management.

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Most Innovative Partner Program

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Mark Royko and Molly Shenberger are creating seismic shifts in Acquia’s program design to deliver a better, data-driven partner experience w the Acquia Practice Certification Program. In 12 short months, their pilot has gone on to create more engagement w partners, create better advocates, and enable them in the areas they are weak or developing. The program is completely data driven from revenue, marketing and ability to execute on a successful implementation. Their prescriptive approach has created a credentialed, elite class of more than 20 partners across each of Acquia’s business units. This has shown dramatic improvements to our balance of trade, brand and market reach, and breadth of technical capabilities. More on the program


Cloudify has created a unique partner program where partners are getting better prepared to track prospects using prospect pages, a faster deal registration process, and engagement. They have launched 8 partners using Allbound in 4 months period with more than 800K deals registered.

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Partner Experience Excellence Award

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Stan’s been implementing a decentralised approach allowing our entire revenue organisation, including marketing, BD, pre-sales, sales, account management and customer success to collaborate with partners independently. He’s enabled this using Reveal’s collaboration technology, which he’s integrated into Salesforce and connected over 230 partner with in less than 2 years. He’s implemented partner referral incentive program to motivate SR GTM reps learn about partners and refer them proactively. As a result part referrals given by SmartRecruiters have increase 3x, resulting in a similar update revenue driven from partner referrals in return.”


Surfly has just been selected in Deloitte’s Fast 50, we have won numerous awards and on our way to becoming an intergalactic, success story. Over 50% of our revenue now comes from our incredible Partner Ecosystem. We have partners around the world who we thoroughly love working with and vice-versa. We have switched over partners from competitor’s who mention that we have an amazing Team to work with. Besides the Team we have ramped up our partner marketing, sales/SE enablement and spiff’s to help us offer the best partner experience in the world. Some of our partner’s include NICE, Cisco, Vonage, RingCentral, Atos, Accenture, TCS and many more. Stay tuned, we are only getting started…

Channel Champion Category

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Channel Chief of the Year

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Jamie Wolf – Black Kite

Jamie, Director, Strategic Alliances & Channel Sales, came to Black Kite just over a year ago when our channel program was just getting off the ground. It was arguably the most challenging time to join because we were building a program from the ground up, but Jamie came in ready to build partnerships, knowing full well the infrastructure would take some time. In the year since, Jamie has spent an impressive amount of time on the road meeting partners and making introductions for our sales team. If there’s one thing to be said about Jamie, it’s that she’s a relationship expert. She’s able to make you feel like the only person in a room and that’s been her key to building partnerships with individuals rather than just companies. She has been instrumental in the growth of the entire Black Kite Aviator partner program and now manages a team of four with ancillary support from marketing and sales engineering. As we come up on the first anniversary of our partner program, we continue to see impressive quarterly growth in channel sales contribution. We are seeing more invitations to events; Sometimes so many we can’t quite keep up! Our partner program is quickly becoming a differentiator and we have Jamie and the team she’s built to thank for that.

Dan Tomaszewski – Kaseya | Powered Services Pro

Dan continues to innovate and lead the Powered Services program to enable Partners to grow their business and reach their potential. He has made huge strides in creating and building a program that helps Powered Services Pro partners achieve success in their marketing and sales efforts.

There is no one in the IT space that cares more about MSP enablement than Dan. He leads with courage and kindness and has changed the trajectory of countless MSPs. Dan is one of the most dedicated people to this channel he has built an amazing platform with Powered Services and bringing other programs to the channel.

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Channel Marketer of the Year

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Aimee Keenan – The ISV Society

She started her own business last year working with ISVs to collaborate, educate and generate leads in an affordable way. She has a passion for channel marketing, helping ISVs, and building a community for them. She is making an impact, she is creating all the content for them, she is working with others in this space and leveraging them to get these ISVs in front of partners and customers. She thinks outside the box, she is very well known in the channel, and she loves what she does.

Chelsea Rodgers – Wasabi Technologies

Chelsea has taken our North American channel on an absolutely amazing path over the last year. She has grown our MDF program almost 2x since last year almost single handedly and has now taken on our global events strategy as well. She does an amazing job taking time to mentor the team while also making sure that Wasabi is covering all of our bases from recruitment to activation in all areas of our channel, including MSPs, VARs, and distributors. She is a true team player and we are so lucky to have her on our team!

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Most Influential Woman in Channel

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Sylvia O’Connell – Sovos

Sylvia has been focused on the channel for over 15 years. As VP, Partners & Alliances, NA at Sovos, she is responsible for overseeing our largest partner accounts. No matter the industry, Sylvia has what it takes to make her team and partners successful. Her leadership skills are unparalleled, making time to coach and mentor her direct team and those outside of it.

Adrienne Coburn – Oyster

Adrienne is an absolutely phenomenal leader and has grown multiple partner programs from the ground up. She is passionate about what she does, and about raising awareness for women in partnership roles. Adrienne goes above and beyond and absolutely everything she does, and treats everyone she works with with a high level of respect and professionalism. Adrienne deserves this award more than anyone I know!

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Rising Star

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Tariq Valente – Surfly

I have 10X’d MRR at Surfly since I started. When I joined there was only a handful of people and minimal revenue. Fast forward to today where we are a multi-million $ company and have customers in every corner of the world. Early on, our CEO did not want to do partnerships. However, having already helped push a startup to IPO and Google acquisition, which was an API Management platform, I knew that our Collaboration API was flexible/epic, and that it would lead to our success.

Shubham Sood – JustCall (SaaS Labs)

Scaled the partner program from $0 to $1.8M ARR in 3 years, growing 100% every year by Shubham who started at the age of 21.

Managed 500+ partners who’ve brought in the intrinsic value of more than 2000+ opps.

Channel Champion Category

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The Most Collaborative Partner

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Stanislaw Wasowicz – SmartRecruiters

Stan has been an amazing partner with HireRight. Stan introduced HireRight to the Reveal Connection so we are now sharing accounts, prospects and collaborating on a higher and efficient level. Stan was able to bring EMEA, LATAM, APAC divisions together to help showcase HireRight in a demo environment. He has helped in rewarding the internal SmartRecruiters Reps for joint referrals via the internal PRIP program. We collaborate together at Tradeshows to help promote each others solutions and really showcase the partnership. Stan is what every partner needs and should excel to be.

Patrick Goulet – Acquia

Patrick is a constant source of creativity, collaboration, positivity and results. He manages an extremely large and complex partner marketing ecosystem at Acquia which produces steadily growing brand and product exposure for the various Acquia DXP solutions. His team is consistently recognized by our partners for their innovation, transparency and willingness to adapt to ever-evolving market dynamics. Simply put, we at Acquia could not be a market leading DXP (per Gartner & Forrester) without Patrick at the helm.

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Partner of the Year – NA

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Greg Spencer – Technologent

Greg is amazingly brilliant, great with customers and just all around the perfect partner. He’s always willing to put in the extra time it takes to work with us as a vendor and make customers happy – even when they demand the extraordinary! As a company we wouldn’t be successful without truly great partners like Greg and Technologent.


This partner has stood out among the rest due to their high engagement levels, willingness to collaborate on many fronts, and their transparency. We meet on a weekly basis to discuss current and new deals, and they are always looking for new ways we can work together and create new opportunities for each other. They also invite us to sponsor their conferences and make an effort to stay up to date on our new tool versions and company news. Really, they are the most ideal partner to work with, and we connect with them in all aspects of the company (marketing, bizdev, product team, etc).

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Partner of the Year – EMEA

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Edouard Payenneville – Powell Software

At Powell Software – we are a partner first solution provider leveraging Allbound and our partner program to deliver value for our 70+ active partners across the globe with more than 600 certified people across our channel. 60% of our business is driven by our partner ecosystem. Our unique value proposition around digital workplace is a tremendous opportunity for our partner ecosystem to grow : For every $1 of Powell licence they sell, they generate up to $4 in services.

Glenn Robertson – Purechannels Ltd.

Purechannels has had a 17 year history of 100% dedicated focus on the channel. Their continuously growing size allows for partners to receive a dedicated business development manager who focuses on strengthening partnerships. They have a unique situation of having developed their own to-partner communications system called Viewpoint, which opens the door to integration opportunities.

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