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Allbound is proud to announce the finalists of this year’s awards! Select your winners and press the submit button. You can vote daily for your top choices. Come back on October 26th to see who wins!

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Individual Spotlight

Channel Chief Of The Year

Mike Kane – Dialpad
  • Mike Kane was Dialpad’s channel employee number one. In the four years since, Mike built the organization’s entire channel team from the ground up, helping Dialpad evolve to become a channel-first company. As Dialpad scales beyond $100M ARR, the company continues to leverage the channel as a leading revenue driver, making up 65% of revenue this quarter alone, up from last quarter’s 40%. Over 15 years ago, when major Silicon Valley companies did not know what the channel was, it was Mike that helped educate, advocate, and inspire them to adopt the channel model.
Dan Tomaszewski – Kaseya
  • Dan is a strategic icon and an invaluable resource to the MSP/MSSP channel. Having once been an MSP, he continuously goes above and beyond to bring knowledge, value and opportunity to the channel and it’s members. You need not look further than the partner enablement programs he created at ID Agent and later Kaseya to see the value of his contributions. His continued efforts to bring relevant sales, marketing and technical content, along with ongoing training, webinars, podcast, and educational content has greatly benefitted many in the channel.
Leslie Lorenco – Puppet
  • Over the past year, Leslie has sought to not only revive and renew our channel relationships, but improve our channel program focusing on making it as partner friendly as possible, making it simple and easy to understand, and placing a high emphasis on working with our sales leadership to stress the value that the channel provides. Not only does Leslie go above and beyond to manage her channel partners, she also approaches her team with this same enthusiasm.

Rising Star

Denzil Moorcroft – 4Sight Holdings Limited
  • Denzil has been nominated for his consistent innovation with channel partners. His passion while growing the 4Sight Cloud Partner Channel has shined.
Daniel O’Leary – Box
  • In 2021 Dan has taken over the SI ecosystem at box, and the ISV GTM programs including partners like Slack, Okta and Salesforce. As a key part of his strategy for partner success, Dan has prioritized partner enablement.
Rachel Pavunko – Cin7
  • Rachel lead the partner portal launch in Q1 of 2021 during her first few weeks with Cin7. She has grown new partners 2x, and has impacted a revenue increase of over 45% year over year.

The Winner Of Channel Chief Of The Year Should Be…

Voting Ends October 22nd.

These channel leaders have been nominated because they go above and beyond for their partners. Our nominees showcase exceptional leadership throughout their communities.

The Winner Of The Rising Star Award Should Be…

Voting Ends October 22nd.

This award is highlighting an up-and-coming voice in the channel. Our nominees stand out amongst the crowd with trailblazing ideas.

Your Nominees

Company Spotlight

International Channel Of The Year

  • Within just a few months of being active on Allbound, Hydraloop has managed to connect and inform 100+ partners from all over the world on its Partner Channel. We’re using many aspects of the channel’s functionality, from automatic translations to groups, and together with the Integrations Team have developed new tweaks for sharing interactive video’s and multilingual instructions.
Archibus, by iOFFICE + SpaceIQ
  • Approximately 65% of Archibus, by iOFFICE + SpaceIQ, Partners are outside North America. The product itself is available in 7 languages out of the box, and a localization kit can be utilized to translate to other languages. Their Global Partner Network adapts and deploys our product based on industry trends, best practices, local cultures, and any other needs specified by our mutual Customers.
Cambium Networks
  • Cambium Networks has 10K partners around the world benefit from the streamlined channel program that allows for customization within region, as well as from an amazing partner portal from Allbound. Global partner engagement is increasing every quarter.

Most Innovative Partner Program

  • CyberReef relaunched its channel partner program in 2021 with investments in channel management and marketing leadership, sales and technical support team members and new through-channel marketing tools – all designed to set up partners for success. MobileWall gives customers unprecedented security, visibility and control over their private mobile networks.
  • Mike and his team are constantly creating new opportunities to reach their target markets and work with their channel partners to do so. Within 2 months of officially signing a partnership we’re on producing our second webinar together, have run a sales blitz campaign, and collaborated on an out of the box campaign around a third party event that our companies are both sponsoring. Talk about a valuable partnership that’s allowing us both to continually educate our target audiences.
  • Dialpad has been doubling down its channel investments and has seen tremendous growth in mid-market and enterprise bookings. The Dialpad Partner Success Portal includes more resources and tools to help resellers and agent partners grow their unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS), contact center, and collaboration businesses. The channel team expanded by 400% year over year, the channel also represented 57% of overall sales in Q2 yielding a 151% increase compared to Q2 last year.

The Winner Of International Channel Of The Year Should Be…

Voting Ends October 22nd.

The nominees in this category go far beyond the borders of their home base with a strong, strategic, and impactful international channel. Vote today for the most impactful global partner program.

The Winner of Most Innovative Partner Program Reward Should Be…

Voting Ends October 22nd.

Our finalists know how to break out of a routine with consistent innovation. These channel programs are paving their own path for channel success.

Your Nominees

Community Spotlight

Best Channel Publication

Kelly Sarabyn – Pandium
  • Kelly, Strategic Storyteller and Marketer at Padium, has single-handedly wrote numerous long form ebooks denoting pain points and recommendations on how channel partners can improve their channels as well as their entire partnership ecosystem as a whole. She’s also kept up an astounding blog on the Pandium website bringing you cutting edge news from the biggest thought leaders in the space.
  • If you’re in the channel, you know CRN. Their team of editors are highly experienced in the channel, their content is relevant and has a wide variety of topics. CRN is the trusted source of IT channel news, trends, analysis and best practices that today’s channel partners and solution provider community needs to be successful.
Channel Futures
  • Channel Futures is a consistent source of news for the partnerships community. Channel Futures offers business strategy, research, case studies and community engagement all designed to help business practitioners build world-class organizations ideally positioned to help SMB customers and midmarket organizations make the most of digital transformation.

Most Influential Channel Community

The Partner Programs Collective
  • This community is a goldmine for actionable training and program guidance. It’s a reliable place to learn how to build and grow a partner program.
  • is a free platform for partnership, marketing, and sales communities to generate revenue through their ecosystem. Reveal allows you to connect with companies from your ecosystem, securely compare your CRM data, and multiply up to 3X your win rate thanks to your ecosystem’s insights.
Partnership Leaders
  • This is a community of leaders in the channel world. It has been a fantastic way to connect with the channel ecosystem, get advice and guidance, and learn what’s going on in channel.

The Winner Of Best Channel Publication Should Be…

Voting Ends October 22nd.

The nominees in this category are bringing you the latest channel news upcoming trends, and new strategies. Vote today for the most impactful channel publication!

The Winner of Most Influential Channel Community

Voting Ends October 22nd.

In the shift to a remote world, these communities brought channel chiefs together. These communities span across all social networks and have made an impact in the channel ecosystem in 2021.

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